Friday, December 4, 2009


This morning I found some of the Teddy Bears and Gingerbread Folk in my house all huddled together. They normally gather together at this time of the year so that Papa Bear can read them "Twas The Night Before Christmas" but this morning they happened to be reading the weather report. They found out that we may get a touch of snow in our area today. This is a really big deal. Snow here in our part of Texas is a rarity and they are all excited.

I am originally from Sunny California so snow is a big deal to me as well. My Mom has a cabin in the San Bernadino Mountains that we would retreat to during the holidays and enjoy the snow but other than that, no snow in Sunny Cali. I have a very fond memory of one of the times we did have a tad bit of snow here in Texas since I've moved here.

First of all, let me say that God has placed a great big heart inside of me for children. I am a strong believer in creating positive experiences and lasting, happy memories for kids. A few years ago I was hosting a cookie baking party at my house one Christmas Eve for my son, his friends and some of the kids in my neighborhood. Some of the kids had never baked or decorated cookies before so many of them were over the top with excitement. As soon as we were done with our baking & decorating, it began to snow. All of the kids ran outside squealing with delight to play in the dusting of snow. It was simply the icing (no pun intended) on top of the cake. When they finally became tired of running around in the snow, they came inside to warm up and eat their cookies. To this day, many of the kids tell me that this particular evening is one of their best memories ever.

So as you can see, I am feeling a little nostalgic this morning. I am excitedly waiting for the snow today. Even if it is just one little flake, I'll be happy. I'll keep you posted on what happens.