Sunday, December 6, 2009


Although it only lasted for just one day, I had a chance to walk in a winter wonderland on Friday when we had a SNOW DAY here in Texas where it usually doesn't snow. The children were let out of school at half day and many employers sent their employees home. It was such a fun day. My husband, my son and I spent most of the day outside. We froze our patooties off but we didn't mind. We were in good company as many of my neighbors, young and old were outside laughing in the flurries too. My son made a tiny snowman type of (thing) on the patio table. I wished that I could have had it as a keepsake or momento but since the sun was shining brightly the next morning and all the snow melted by the end of the next day, I will just have to rely on my memories and the pictures that I snapped above. Oh, and to those of you who by chance happen to read my blog but live in areas where it snows often.....please overlook my goofy enthusiasm regarding the matter. LOL