Friday, December 11, 2009


Wow this has been a really busy week but I did want to stop by the blog for a minute and share my excitement. Today, Disney will be releasing it's latest Disney Princess (Tiana) movie in most areas. Maybe it is the nostalgia from my own childhood memories but I must say that I am thrilled that this new Princess movie is animated in good old 2D and not with today's animated technology.

Most of you here at the blog know that I have a small collection of random dolls. Princess Tiana is the latest doll in my collection. My favorite is the plush version because I've always loved plush, softies and rag dolls the best. My guest room is the room that my doll collection is displayed in. Can you tell me why no one besides my Mom wants to stay in the guest room for very long? LOL Anyhoo, I have a table-top tree in that room and I thought it would be whimsical to decorate the DOLL ROOM tree.....uh, uh, I mean Guest Room tree with the latest Princess.

This project is fun, quick and super easy. It is a wonderful project for a girl's room. With the holiday vacation coming, it is always nice to keep children's little hands busy with a not too messy project. A boy's room could also be decorated using the same process but by googling images that most boys enjoy...(Transformers, Power Rangers, Super Heroes..etc.) Honestly, any image that is a favorite of your child and that you feel is suitable can be used.


1. Choose your princess. I've posted pictures of several princesses and other characters above the pictures of my actual tree. You can use these images or find your own.

2. Right click on the picture of your chosen princess and save it to your computer.

3. Print the picture out in the amount of ornaments you wish to make. I used 8 for a table-top tree.

4. Cut around the outline of each princess.

5. Cut out a circle or other shape slightly larger than your princess. I chose to use orange cardstock. Use a color of paper or cardstock that matches your color scheme.

6. Glue the princess to the middle of the ornament shaped cardstock.

7. Use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the top of the ornament and tie a piece of string or ribbon through it.

8. Embellish your ornament with glitter glue if you wish.

9. Hang the ornament on your tree.