Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hi all. Welcome to my Winter Kitsch Mart. Yes the word for today is Kitschy. I guess you could say that Kitsch is defined as art, collectibles or decorative objects that are extremely garish, tasteless, inferior, shallow and of questionable artistic or aesthetic VALUE. So basically, its worthless junk that may or may not be popular with other people but you like it anyway just because YOU do. I love Gingerbread Folk. They are kitschy indeed and I decided to share the winter family pictures of my Gingies along with a family of vintage Christmas Carolers that I've placed on the fireplace mantel in the famly room. In a couple of weeks they will all go back into a box until next winter. Just for fun, I stuck a Gingy Mermaid & her baby brother that I made out of polymer clay into one of the Gingy Folk snow pictures. Can you find her? I bet she's pretty cold hanging out with the Gingies in the snow.

Thanks for stopping by the Winter Kitsch Mart and letting me share all my junk, um er ah...I mean Gingerbread Collectibles with you. (Smile) Up next will be my attempt at creating Kitschy Felt Folk. I just have to find a free moment to try to do it. It has been a super busy past few weeks. Stay tuned!