Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Everyone loves having fresh, clean, laundry but most people dread spending lots of time in a dreary laundry room. Most laundry rooms are a forgotten space in the home and rarely ever decorated. Just because the laundry room is a place where chores are performed, doesn't mean that the room has to be dull and lifeless. Actually, a laundry room can quickly and easily be transformed into a bright and cheery space that you won't mind spending time in just by adding a little paint, some wall art and a small potted plant. Today I'm sharing with you some over the top, lovely laundry rooms for inspiration.

Besides using my laundry room as a place to clean clothes, I also use my laundry room as a quiet place to go and pray. Why? Because nobody ever WANTS to go in this room so I know that I can spend time there talking to God and I won't be interrupted. That being said, I am even more inspired to transform this space into a place that I will desire to spend lots of time in. I think that it is ironic that the laundry room is a place where clothes are supposed to be cleaned but MY laundry room is also a place where my spiritual life is cleansed. LOL