Monday, May 31, 2010


For many, Memorial Day is just another holdiay. A day not to go to work, a day to relax, a day to spend with family & friends, a day to have a Barbeque, a day to sight-see, a day to spend at the amusement park or a day that allows for a mini vacation because it extends the weekend. The fact that we are able to do any of this means that at this very moment, we are FREE to do so.
This Memorial Day, take a moment to reflect about those who selflessly served their country to ensure freedom and paid the ultimate price. Take a moment to pray for the peace and comfort of families that lost a loved one in service but most of all pray for safety, peace of mind and endurance for those who are serving today. I know that I will.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Whoo, what a hot day it has been today in my neck of the woods. Summer is about to be in full swing very soon. All day, the only thing I wished for was some Pineapple Sherbert or Frozen Yogurt. Actually, I am about to partake in some Pineapple Sherbert that my husband bought for us.
Sharing is so much fun. I would like to invite you to a VIRTUAL ICE CREAM SOCIAL. So grab your favorite ice cream cone, sundae, ice pop, slushie, snow cone, sherbert, frozen yogurt, shave ice, shake, sorbet, malt, frosty or popscicle and join me in the first LICK of the season. Don't over-do it though. LOL STAY COOL!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Are you trying to think of something that you could give your child's teacher, the bus driver, the mail-lady, etc.? This craft project is quick, easy, cost effective, useful and oh so cute. I am always searching around the house for a pen to jot things down. For some reason pens always seem to get lost. A pen bouquet is a handy yet beautiful way to always keep a pen in view.
Start by choosing a silk flower bouquet and a package of pens from the dollar store. Cut the silk flower bouquet into individual stems. Remove the caps from the pens. Line up the top of the pen with the top of the floral stem. Wrap the floral stem to the pen with floral tape. Keep wrapping around until you reach the bottom of the pen and then cut the floral tape. Place the cap back on the pen and now you have a flower pen. Make several of these and place them in a fun & festive vase as I did or choose a more elegant glass or crystal vase. For added cuteness, you may want to also give away a pad of paper to go along with the pens. I found some pretty post-its with a beautiful floral design. Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy!