Friday, December 18, 2009


I came across the picture of a cover of a book by Salley Mavor about how to make felt miniatures. The little felt people looked so adorable to me, that even though I don't have the actual book or tutorial, I still wanted to attempt to make some. By looking at the picture, I knew that I didn't have all of the required items to make them exactly like the ones pictured so I just used what I had in my stash of craft supplies.

I made two little girls. One is named Ginger Snap and her little sister is named Sugar Cookie. These girls are house-sitting over at Huggalulu's home while Huggalulu is out of town visiting friends for the Holidays. They are having a grand time playing Christmas Carols on the piano, relaxing in the bedroom and taking turns riding Huggalulu's rocking horse. They even gave a big birthday party for the quadruplets that live next door to Huggalulu. I don't think Huggalulu will mind as long as they clean up their mess. What a great holiday vacation they are having! I hope you are having a great holiday vacation as well. Blessings & Hugs