Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Summer is the perfect time for long, lazy vacations with the family, quick mini/weekend-vacays or even staycations (stay at home vactions). One of the vacays I'm taking this summer will be to go back home to the place that I was born and raised to visit with family and friends. I'll see you in blog-land after the break and hopefully I will have a few pics to share. Until next time..... Hugs

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Summer is officially here and there are several ways to attempt to stay cool. Why not try the THREE "S's" OF SUMMER? The three S's are SWIMMING, SALADS and STRAWBERRY LEMONADE.

Swimming obviously keeps you cool during hot days. If you don't have a pool or beach nearby, then get wet the old fashioned way. Turn on the water sprinkler for the kids and just accidently happen to run through it yourself a few times. One of my favorite ideas is to get Super Soaker waterguns for the whole family and let the fun begin. It's wonderful for children and teenagers to play with......um, I mean get wet with their Parents. I'm on the hunt for some really good Super Soakers now. I can't wait to blast up...um, I mean wet up my son and my husband. Tee hee.

It is also very important to stay hydrated during hot summer days. Drinking lots and lots of water will do the trick just fine. 8 glasses of water per day is crucial. Especially in the summer heat. For a treat once in a while, try a nice glass of Strawberry Lemonade. Make it from scratch. Squeeze lemons & add icy cold water to make a lemonade. Make a strawberry puree' in the blender and mix it into your lemonade. Sweeten it with some Stevia and garnish with a few sliced strawberries. Ahhhh, refreshing.

I just had my first official Summer Salad the other day and it was lovely. Salads are healthy, they help you beat the heat by not having to fire up the oven in the kitchen and there are so many ways of making them that you will have a variety to choose from and not get tired of them all summer long. I will be chopping up lots of different ingredients and storing them in little containers in the fridge. When anyone in the family is ready for a salad, they may choose which ingredients & toppings they would like and totally customize their own.
Maybe you would like to try my THREE S's Of Summer too. Happy Summer! Stay cool.