Thursday, December 24, 2009


Well seeing as how it is Christmas Eve, I am sure that most of us are doing those last minute preparations for tomorrow. I like to switch my color scheme up from previous years and this year I wanted to use red, white, gold and green but I didn't have much of the red or green nor did I want to spend a lot. I actually decorated most of my dining table with just a few bucks. I found some great recession specials (red & white plates, green napkins, red bows, green placemats, red glasses, red & gold candles and gold chargers) at the Dollar Store and the 99 cents store. My favorite Dollar Store find is the sign that says "Is is too late to be good"? I think that is hilarious. So if you are feeling festive but don't want to spend a lot or don't have a lot of time to look around before tomorrow, I would suggest these stores as great options. SHHHHHHH, your family or guests won't know you were thrifty unless you tell them... but they will enjoy the festive atmosphere you created for them.

I'm wishing all of you in blog land a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Blessings and best holiday wishes to you and yours.