Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am a wreath lover. I always have one displayed on the front door of my home 12 months of the year. I change them according to the seasons of course but I always have one displayed. Something about a wreath on a door or in a room seems welcoming and inviting to me. I've been wanting a wreath to hang in my craft/sewing room and I have stumbled on a fun and crafty way to create one. All you need is a glue gun, old book, magazine, newspaper, phonebook or some sheet music that you never want to use again. Soon, you will be looking at a cute TRASH to TREASURE, vintage inspired wreath. A particular store that we are all familiar with was selling these wreaths for a ridiculous amount and these wreaths are also being sold at craft fairs for about the same ridiculous price. Why not create one of your very own? I found some pictures of different ways a book wreath can be made to give you inspiration and has an easy to follow tutorial. Just look in her November, 2009 archives and you should easily find it. I've already made a small one just to see how it would come out and now I will be creating a larger one for my craft room. I hope some of you who like vintage inspired items will get a chance to create one as well. Enjoy!