Friday, August 27, 2010


EEK! I am so excited! Look at what I found at my front door today. No it isn't a cricket.....but it is a Cricut. A Cricut is an electronic cutting device that helps you to make craft-a-liciously wonderful things like handmade cards, gift tags, signs, home decor, bulletin board cut outs and so much more. I have wished for a Cricut for a long, long time but it was never in my budget to get one. A (not so) secret admirer who knows of my love for crafting has blessed me with one and I am feeling like a kid at a candy store. My first project will obviously be a THANK YOU card. But first things first. I have to figure out how to use the thing. Inside the box, there is a DVD with instructions but for some strange reason, the DVD doesn't seem to be helping me much. I must admit that the hostesses on the DVD were a bit monotone and I may have zoned out a few times. Maybe I will have to watch it again and this time I will know what to do. Have any of you CRAFTY DIVAS ever used a Cricut before? If so, send me an email and kindly help me out or share some of your Cricut crafting ideas. If you do, I promise to make YOU a THANK YOU card too. :0)