Saturday, August 7, 2010


Although she doesn't know it, today's post is inspired by a sweet friend and prayer partner of mine. This week she blessed me with gift cards for a visit to dine and shop at a particular country-style general store in our area. This place is a restaurant and gift shop all in one. I will be taking a little trip there today to have lunch and to browse through all of the vintage, nostalgic type of goodies in the gift shop. Fun, fun, fun! Because I don't do endorsements of any type on my blog, I won't say exactly where I am going today but I will say that this particular country store and restaurant is a franchise so it is quite possible that you may have one in your area to visit as well. I have posted an interior and an exterior picture of this place among the other images that I've posted. Can you guess where I am going? I'm sure you can.

Let me tell you what is ridiculously funny to me about many old country general stores. Most store owners know that there are a select group of people (just like me) who are extremely nostalgic. So for marketability purposes, many general stores all across America make the claim to be the oldest general store still in operation. If a general store is in particularly shabby shape, they are easily able to get away with their claim. Which general store REALLY is the oldest in operation? I guess we will just have to wonder. Tee hee.