Saturday, October 24, 2009


During the week, the breakfasts in my house usually consist of items that can be eaten while walking out of the door or driving in the car but Saturdays are SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE kind of breakfasts. I think it is important to have family meals together as much as possible. We ususally do this each day at Dinner time but Saturdays are our "Family Breakfast" mornings. My son's favorite is PANCAKES so I have to keep plenty of pancake mix on hand. Here is a recipe to make a good quantity of instant pancake mix to store. It really makes things quick and easy. This mix is good for approximately 80 4 inch pancakes. My crazy pancakes end up being all different sizes ranging from small to large (as you can see in the pictures) so I never get 80 pancakes. You can get up ahead of the family and make the pancakes quickly. If the family isn't ready to eat yet and/or you want to go back to sleep for a little bit, place the pancakes in a TORTILLA WARMER. Your pancakes will still be nice and warm when you are ready for them.


12 C sifted flour
4 C instant dry powdered milk
3/4 C baking powder
3/4 C sugar
2 T. salt
Keep in: Air Tight Container or Large Zip Lock Bag


1 1/2 C instant homemade pancake mix
1 egg
2 tbsp. oil
Dash vanilla extract (optional)

Mix ingredients and pour onto a hot greased skillet. When bubbles form on the top, flip and brown the other side. Remove from the skillet and place in a TORTILLA WARMER until ready to eat. ENJOY!!!!!!