Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am such an off-beat doll collector. My small collection is full of random odds and ends. I think that the raggedy, plushy, cuddly or soft sculpture dolls would have to be the types that most catch my eye, however; I just simply like what I like and I know it when I see it. Funny thing.... I have observed that there is one common thread to my collecting. I am so CHEAP!!!! LOL I love dolls at a dime store price. The cuter the doll and the cheaper that I can find her, the more ecstatic I become about my find. A few months ago, I acquired a MY CHILD doll. (The baby doll above dressed in peach) I've been wanting one for years. These dolls have become collectors items and are getting quite pricey in the collecting world depending on the rarity of the skin tone, outfit, condition or hair color. I received mine from a private collector who took pity on me & my pocketbook and let me have her for a ridiculous discount compared to what she is worth. She is my favorite doll. This weekend, I hit the "Barbie Jackpot". I happened upon a Ballerina Barbie. She isn't rare or anything but I think she is so pretty. The best thing about my find was that the only way she could have been any cheaper was if I had gotten her for free. Yep, I'd say that makes her even prettier in my book. LOL Do any of you have a doll or something >else that you really like and it seems even more lovely than it really is because it was at a bargain basement price or free? Do tell!!!!!!