Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Just in case you didn't know, I thought that I would take a moment to inform you that a very important HOLIDAY is approaching. Did you know that January 21st is WORLD HUGS DAY? This Holiday started in America as National Hugs Day but has grown so much in popularity that the Holiday is now celebrated all over the world.

The HUGS HOLIDAY is only two days away from now so my suggestion is that you start practicing your best HUGS so that you will be really good at it by the 21st. Then after the 21st is over you can start practicing immediately for the next year. Now don't just HUG people that you think are wonderful. Make sure you try to find a real MEANIE to HUG. Make sure you yell out "HAPPY HUGS DAY" first. Either the HUG will soften the MEANIE'S heart and they won't be a MEANIE anymore or the MEANIE will think that you have lost your mind and steer clear of you in the future. Either way, you will have a great outcome. (Just kidding). Hopefully the MEANIE will change their ways.

I'm sending virtual HUGS out to all of my readers at HUGS AND KEEPSAKES so officially consider yourself hugged. Enjoy the Holiday!