Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Who says you have to be a little girl to enjoy the tales of the Disney Princesses? As a person who has worked with small children all of my life, I can say that I've had a good excuse as to why I've read countless numbers of fairytales but if I am honest I must admit that I enjoy the stories too.

The next Disney Princess movie will make it's appearance Thanksgiving weekend (24th). This digital 3D computer animated movie is titled TANGLED but the story will be an altered re-telling of the fairytale RAPUNZEL. Princess Rapunzel's character will be voiced by singer/actress Mandy Moore and the Soundtrack to the movie is scheduled to be released on November 16th. I am not sure at this time if songbird Mandy Moore will be singing any of the songs on the Soundtrack but I am hopeful that she will. The movie will feature music by Alan Menken.

My inside sources tell me that at the time of this posting, there isn't another Disney Princess movie in the works. THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG (2009) and TANGLED/RAPUNZEL (2010) may be it for awhile as far as Princesses go. AWWWW, and just when I was hoping for the PRINCESS AND THE PEA to be made. Anyway, the outlook for 2011 and beyond for future Disney theater releases may include: TRON (a remake of the 80's sci-fi movie), a not yet named WINNIE THE POOH movie, another PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN starring J. Depp but minus Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, CARS 2, KING OF THE ELVES and just maybe even a few more movies based on rides and attractions at the Disney theme parks such as THE JUNGLE CRUISE and THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON TREEHOUSE. The last two haven't been 100% confirmed to me so we will just have to wait and see.

Oh and by the way, if you would like to learn how to make an easy Princess ornament, you make look for the tutorial in my archives from last year. Just click the label "Disney" that is on the right side of this page and you will find the tutorial.