Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I celebrated my Valentine's weekend by visiting New Orleans, Louisiana. I wanted to post a few of the pictures that I snapped as a little tour for those of you who may have never visited this location before. Sorry if some of the pictures are cut off a bit. My photography skills are not so great.

My family and I had quite an enjoyable time but I am thoroughly exhausted.
Something that we didn't seriously take into consideration was the fact that it was also Mardi Gras weekend (which I don't celebrate) and that meant that there were lots of tourists. To complicate matters, there were evem more tourists than the usual Mardi Gras crowd because the Saints football team just won the Superbowl. The French Quarter was completely bustling with people during peak hours.

I am a leisurely type of person who doesn't really enjoy big crowds so I mapped out a plan of action for us to avoid the crowds as much as possible. We completely stayed away from Bourbon Street and other such known "MARDI GRAS PARTY STREETS". We visited the French Quarter Market, other shopping venues and historical landmarks early in the day while everyone else in town was oversleeping from their previous nighttime activities. We hit our favorite restaurants during the lunch hours, took a good look at the parade floats prior to the parades actually starting and we also took advantage of some fabulously wonderful, free Jazz concerts. I must say that I had a fantastic weekend but next time, I will plan to go to New Orleans during the off season like I usually do. I hope you enjoyed the view.

Until next time..................... Hugs