Monday, February 1, 2010


Don't you just love February? For me, the month holds a lot of sentimentality. My Mom and also a dear friend of mine both celebrate their birthdays in FABULOUS FEBRUARY. I also celebrate my wedding anniversary in February and to top it all off, there is that wonderful, ooey gooey day of AMOUR, HEARTS, MUSIC, FLOWERS and CHOCOLATES (okay, I really shouldn't be eating chocolates when I'm trying to lose weight......but oh well). Yes, I'm talking about Valentines Day. OOOOH, I am such a sappy romantic. I'm feeling mushy and gushy just thinking about it all. Little red and pink glittered hearts are dancing around my head just like the ones Charlie Brown has when he thinks about the little Red Haired Girl or Sally has when she is close to Linus. Mind you....there is no rule that you even have to have a specific Valentine to enjoy Valentine's Day. Just pamper yourself and remind yourself of how special and wonderful you are. Why? Because you're worth it!

This month I will be posting things that are filled with heartfelt, love and hugga-liciousness. There may be some things that I post that you may want to try to make yourself. Today I'm posting my LOVE BUGS. These little love bug pins are wearable art that are easy to make and are super, stinkin' cute when a child wears them on a jean jacket or a sweater. I must be young at heart because my Love Bugs will most certainly be buzzing around my jean jacket too. If you can cut some rectangles out of ribbon and glue them together with fabric glue then you can make my love bugs also. Use my pics as a guide or just be creative. The LOVE BUG will get you if you don't watch out.

Until next time...........