Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Mother's Day is almost here and it is a time that  ushers in a bit of sentimentality and nostalgia.  Mother's Day  is a great time to say "THANKS" to Mom for all she does as well as to pamper her and let her know how special she is.

Aside from  the usual flowers, dinner and a movie that has become a Mother's Day tradition in so many families; try to create a little something for Mom to let her know she was worth the effort.  Here are a few ideas:

1.Purchase a book by her favorite Author and include a handmade bookmark.
2.For a bit of nostalgia, purchase a working, vintage phone from a flea-market and decoupage it with beautiful paper.
3.Create a lovely, one of a kind lamp by adding ribbon or flowers to the lampshade.
4.Sew up a few throw pillows that match with Mom's home decor or color scheme.
5.Help Mom to relax by creating a beautiful basket of sweet smelling soaps, lotions, potions, perfumes and makeup for an at-home spa & beauty treatment.( Part one of a three part spa gift.)
6.Wrap thick, luxurious towels with a ribbon and flowers. ( Part two of a three part spa gift.)
7.Purchase a few bottles of Mom's favorite fingernail polish and a manicure set to place into the gift basket. ( Part three of a three part spa gift.)
8.Whip up a cute and edible topiary tree by using some of Mom's favorite candies.  She'll love ya for this one.  YUM!