Thursday, June 9, 2011


Summertime is here and it always brings about a bit of nostalgia. For me, the Summertime brings back such fond memories of picnics, BBQs, sunny days spent at the beach, amusement parks and so much more. The summer is a great time for family vacations. A summertime family vacation can be a long, leisurely, elaborately planned out type of a thing with travel plans that can take you far, far away. It can also be a mini weekend road trip or something as simple as a STAYCATION where you stay close to home.

One fond memory that I have of a fun, family, Summertime STAYCATION was making evening trips to the DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATER. All of us kiddie-winks (siblings and cousins) would put on our pajamas and pile into the back seat of the car (the cars were bigger in those days and the kids were smaller). LOL We would bring along homemade popcorn and lots of snacks as well as our pillows and blankets (just in case we fell asleep during the second feature movie). Yes, I said second feature. Years ago, it used to be that when you went to the movies, you were able to see two movies or possibly even three (for the price of one) with a cartoon or two sandwiched in the middle during intermission time. I can remember always hoping that I would happen to be sitting on the side of the car that the speaker would be on. The speakers were attached to a post and when you pulled up into the parking space, you would roll down your window, take the speaker from the post and hang it on your car window in order to hear the movie's sound. The sound quality was usually a bit poor and muffled but it still didn't seem to stop us from enjoying ourselves. We had fun and giggles galore.

Sadly, the DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATER is pretty much a thing of the past as many of them began closing in the late 1980's and early 1990's. I'm not sure about any place else in the World regarding Drive In Theaters but in America, there are just a few of them still in operation at this time. If you happen to live close to one that is still operation, then do yourself a favor one summer evening. Pile the family into the car, head on over to the DRIVE IN and create a fun, family memory that your kiddie-winks will never forget.