Monday, May 2, 2011


As witnessed by the world during the Royal Wedding, it appears that FASCINATORS have made a serious comeback. A fascinator is a headpiece or hair ornament that is attached to the hair by means of a headband, clip, or small hat. A fascinator can be easily created by using various types of materials such as vintage millinery, feathers, pearls, crystals, silk flowers and other such items. Fascinators were very popular during the 1920's and were worn to weddings, race meetings (such as the Kentucky Derby), tea parties, cocktail parties and so on. I think the fascinators are quite funny yet adorable all at the same time but I also have a quirky sense of humor to match. Are you fascinated by fascinators? Would you ever wear one or do you find them just to be a bit too much? Oh come know that you are secretly fond of these hilarious headpieces. SHHHHHHH....I won't tell.